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Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) Is a software for Pharmaceutical industry, Sales Force Automation is internet based Online system that covers the Management Information System for Pharmaceutical Company Sales & to boost Sales and enhance Business.

Including the Sales Detail and Summary at Area Wise Level , Head Quarter , State & Country Level. Analysis and movement of Drugs in the region is also analyzed in the system.

Sales Force Automation helps in controlling and enhancing the sales of a pharmaceutical company And Is an established and reputed product for pharmaceutical industry.

Sale Force Automation includes so many features such as instant online reporting to management, SMS and E-mail alerts.

The most Imporant information Sales Force Automation (SFA) Provides is Medical Representative (MR) and Manager daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockist, sales (Primary and Secondary Both) , Product wise stocks , Employee Product Wise Sales, Executive Primary Vs Secondary, Manager Primary Vs Secondary , daily call reports , tour programs , Doctor call Frequency and much more.

Dwidz Infocom Sales Force Automation Contains Ample of Reports :-
Sales Report
  • Employee Product Wise Sales
  • Executive Primary Vs Secondary
  • Manager Primary Vs Secondary
  • Head Quarter Primary Vs Secondary
  • Product Planning
  • Closing Stock
  • Closing Stock In Slab Monthly
  • Closing Stock in Slab Total
  • Closing Stock in slab Cumulative
  • Employee sale bill
  • Medical Representative (MR) Chemist Sale
  • Medical Representative (MR) Stockist Sale
  • Doctor Monthly Output
Sales Daily
  • Doctor Sale Daily
  • Chemist Sale Daily
  • Stockist Sale Daily
  • Product Wise Sale PST Till Date
  • Employee Wise Sale PST Till Date
  • Ready Reackoner
  • Employee Doctor Analysis
  • Attendance
  • Must See List (MSL)
  • Quarterly Doctor Call Average
  • Quarterly Doctor Missed Call Average
  • Doctor Working
  • Mobile DCR (Daily Call Reports)
  • Dcr Working And Filling Days
  • Joint Working (Employee Vs Employee)
  • WTP Vs DCR
  • Latest Reporting Days
  • Product Discussed/Month
  • Doctor/ Chemist/Stockist Assigned
Employee Detail Reports
  • All Employee
  • Employee Detail
  • Report TO Employee
  • Employee State Wise
  • Age In Company
Employee Doctor Reports
  • Employee Route Assigned
  • Employee Doctor Assigned
  • Employee Doctor Product
  • Employee Product Wise Doctor
  • Employee Doctor Category
  • Employee Doctor Category (ALL)
  • Employee Speciallity Wise Doctor
  • Employee Doctor Speciallity List
  • Employee Doctor Vising Time
Doctor Reports
  • Doctor In CIty
  • Doctor In City Speciallity Wise
  • Doctor in City Product Wise
Daily Call Reports (DCR)
  • Monthly Summary
  • Cumulative Summary
  • Average Calls
  • No of Covered Routes
  • Doctor call Frequency
  • Doctor call frequency in slabs
  • Doctor Missed call
  • Doctor missed call category wise
  • doctor product disparity
  • Product Discussed/Month
  • Latest Visit Reporting Day
  • Manager Visit Report
  • Latest Reporting day
  • Latest Tour Program
Chemist Reports
  • Chemist Call Frequency
  • Chemist Missed Call
Sample Reports
  • Total Sample
  • Sample Distributed
  • Sample DIstributed in slab
  • Cumulative sample
  • Sample allotment
  • Balance Sample
Tour Program Reports
  • Medical Representative (MR) Standard Tour Program
  • Manager Standard Tour Program
  • Medical Representative (MR) Montly Tour Program
  • Manager Monthly Tour Program
  • Medical Representative (MR) (TP vs DCR) Tour program vs Daily Call Report
  • Manager (TP vs DCR) Tour program vs Daily Call Report
  • Standard Vs Tour Program Medical Representative (MR)
  • Standard Vs Tour Program Manager
  • Weekly Tour Program
  • Weekly Tour program vs Daily call report (WTP vs DCR)
  • Latest Monthly Tour Program
  • Actual Working
Expense Reports
  • Approved Expense State Wise
  • Expense Employee Wise
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